Mainnor Pino – President

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Mainnor Pino

President  | Municipal Lighting Systems, Inc.

Graduated with an Electrical Engineer degree in 1984 from the University of South Florida in Tampa.  Software/Systems Engineer for Martin Marietta in Orlando, FL from 1985-1994.  In 1994, he relocated to California where he worked as a Test Engineer for Loral Rolm.  From 1995-1996, he joined Octel Communications as a Product Quality Test Engineer.  He then joined a startup company by the name of Silicon Gaming where he managed the Quality Assurance and Builds/Tools groups from 1996-1999.  In 1999, he joined another startup company by the name of MainStreet Networks where he was the Director of Quality for Hardware and Software.  He then joined another startup company by the name of MAYAN Networks to manage the System Diagnostics and System Verification Test groups as well as the Customer Support Organization from 2000-2001.  Finally, he relocated back to Florida where he joined Municipal Lighting Systems as an outside Sales Engineer.  Mainnor has been involved in several major projects with architects, municipalities, and contractors.  His technical background has aided him in grasping the new technology being utilized in lighting products.





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