Bringing Beauty Back: Illuminating Biscayne Boulevard

Bringing Beauty Back: Illuminating Biscayne Boulevard

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MIAMI, FL (2011) – Biscayne Boulevard is getting a facelift, thanks to a new lighting system from the MLS Group and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The project spans from Downtown Miami to the City of North Miami and includes neighborhoods such as Miami Shores and the famed Miami Design District.

As the oldest continuous route from the southernmost point of the United States to the northernmost point along the East Coast, Biscayne Boulevard dates back to before the Civil War. It is one of the City of Miami’s most important traffic arteries, and serves over 1 million people throughout the area. In 2007, Edward Perez-Maspons, FDOT District IV Lighting Engineer, was given the challenging task of illuminating this historic artery in a way that maintained the original streetlight aesthetic of the 1940’s and provided the latest in lighting technology. Perez-Maspons worked with William Pino, P.E. of the MLS Group to research archives and select fixtures from Spring City Electrical Manufacturing Company in Spring City, PA, an MLS affiliate known for its craftsmanship and innovation. The manufacturer surpassed expectations by providing in excess of 500 sand-cast lighting poles that not only complied with FDOT guidelines, but exceeded Miami-Dade County and the Illuminating Engineering Society guidelines.

The final result is a magnificent, six-mile long lighting system that helps unify Biscayne Boulevard’s identity and enhances its trademark royal palms. As Miami’s “tropical” gateway, Biscayne Boulevard is now ready to welcome a new wave of visitors for years to come.

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